Individual Giving


My friend, we've been given a challenge.

To receive $40,000 in foundation funding, we must raise $40,000 - before August 31.

It’s a 1 for 1 match. You give $1, it becomes $2. Abracadabra.

Want to give a one-time gift? That works nicely - thank you! Want to sign up for Federal City Stars, our monthly giving program? Awesome! The totality of your 12-month pledge counts toward the match.

If you pledge a monthly gift of $5, $10, $20...or make a one time donation now...we can leverage it to get another $40,000. Now that is musical magic.

Of course the real magic isn't in the money at all. It's in our music. And what our music does.

With Artistic Director Dr. Thea Kano at the helm, our creative future is bright. But our fight for equality for all people is far from over. Please, help us raise our voice against hate.

$1 becomes $2, just like that. Click below.